Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have my word for the year 2012.

I've been thinking about what my focus will be and what plans I had for the following year.  Where do I want to find myself twelve months from now?

I want to grow closer in my relationships. Over the past couple years I have done a fabulous job of ostracizing myself.  I think I may be emotionally ready to knock down some walls.

I want to read more.  I am finding less and less on TV worth watching yet it has a tendency to easily suck me in.  My Mann uses it to wind down so when he's watching he likes having me sit next to him.  I need to gain the willpower to cut off the TV early in the evening.  It would be good for My Mann as well so he can get into bed earlier.  We both get up very early on the weekdays.    
I want to increase my skills in digital scrapbooking, photography, art journaling, and  maybe the piano.   You can probably tell I'm not fully committed to the piano.

As I thought about what I would like to do two words came to mind, nurture and grow.  When I checked the definition for nurture I felt that I wasn't in the position to support or encourage; feed and protect; bring up; train; or educate.  These were all things I was seeking.  I wasn't in a position to nurture. 

I looked up grow.  I found my word. Grow: (v)to increase by natural development. 

This year I hope to increase in various aspects of my life through natural development.

How about you?  What are your hopes and dreams for this year?  Do you choose a word or theme to focus on for the year?     

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  1. Great word - I find that looking at the definition really helps. One year I did ATC cards with various definitions of my word ("open").