Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He's So Excited

We have deposited My Boy at his new abode.  When we arrived and checked in he had a grin so wide that it filled his face. He repeatedly said how excited he was.  After having pried ourselves from the crowded conditions we endured for a day and a half  could the excitement be from that new found freedom?  Nay, I'm sure it is the freedom he's feeling to be on his own and to be on the next step of his future.  
It was even more cramped once you put two college students and their backpacks on the seats with them. 

We joined many other families at the grocery store and local Wal-Mart, already showing signs of needing to be restocked,getting the last minute things for their new college students.  While at the store stocking up on TP, laundry detergent, milk, cheese, etc. etc., his smile began to diminish a bit as he saw the cash register silently going ch-ching as each item was swiped.  The he repeatedly commented on his ability to be on his own financially being a little scary.   

It made it a little easier leaving him behind knowing that he is in a good place with a good roommate and lots of friends also nearby.  His apartment is beautiful.  Almost luxurious for student housing. He has his own room, desk, shares a large kitchen, two refrigerators, and large pantry.  

He will use his free day tomorrow to walk around and get to know the campus.  We on the other hand will be driving some more and using the day to continue our journey home.

How will you be using your day?  Have a great one.    


  1. How wonderful for him! Where is he going to school?

  2. My Boy is attending BYU-Idaho and enjoying the snow.