Friday, January 6, 2012

How High?

Marija Vukovic
I've been thinking about some projects to carry through 2012.  That in it self is a little weird.  I haven't had this kind of drive for a couple years.  Instead I had been dealing with a lot of emotions, just trying to get by.  This change feels nice.  

Project #1:
It's been some time since I've done any scrapbooking in the traditional form, i.e. a 1 or 2 page lay-out.  I feel that this blog has taken the place of my scrapbook for some time.  Through this blogging process I've discovered that I enjoy this process, but I feel a budding urge to expand. 

To grow.  

I would like to try my hand at some digital scrapbooking.  The pages I made during December for the gratitude challenge have whet my appetite for the digital.    I don't think I want to hold myself solely to digital, maybe I'll do some hybrid or all paper pages as well. 

The project?  A layout a week.  Yikes. Saying that sounds a little scary.   They say if you shoot for the stars you'll reach the moon or is it the other way around.  How does that saying go? 

I'm hoping with the help of some digital templates or paper sketches it will be easier to put a page together.  Do you think this goal is too high for someone who hasn't done, but maybe, a handful of pages the past year?     

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  How do you decide how high you should set your goals? 


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  2. Oops can't spell. Let's try that again. I think you should go for it!! If you don't make it one week, don't sweat it and just pick up again with the next week.