Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joy Dare Sunday

Early last year I read Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts.  She took a dare from a friend to document little gifts she found in her daily in her life.  By doing so she began to see the light and remove darkness that created a change in her life.  
At that time I also began a list of my own.  Writing one gift a day.  This year I am taking Ann's Joy Dare of 1000 gifts for 2012.  

Just a few of the gifts from my last week.
  • My curly hair.  (Hair that I have been ironing out  for quite some time) 
  • A safe journey to Idaho.
  • Seeing my son's joy upon arriving at college.
  • Reservations made for a vacation with my mom.  (This time last year we learned she had pancreatic cancer.   Now she is cancer free.  A miracle.)
  • Beautiful, blue, crisp skies over Utah.
  • Lovely, warm weather at home.
  • My husband's help when I pruned roses.

Are you up for taking the Joy DareAnn wrote about habit, "Small is always the leverage of large.  It's one moment after the other, the small moments that turn a life.  It's the small actions that can change a life."  Make a habit of gratitude.  
What gifts have come into your life this past week?  

Have a beautiful, wonderful week, dear ones.

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