Monday, January 30, 2012

Mess It Up

I watched a video that Julie had done as part of our Creative Jumpstart 2012 showing how she jump starts her creativity.  Basically she just plays with media and tools that she has with totally inhibition about making a mess of her project.  In the video she started out making a tag and as she was doing it she expressed that she was liking the results.  Then because she was liking it so well she said she was going to purposely mess it up so she could continue playing without fear of messing it up.  Seeing how she purposely messed up her tag freaked me out.  By the time she was done the tag turned out great. 

Yikes!  How does a person do that?  What is it that allows someone to feel that way?

I messed up an art journal page.  Not on purpose.  It was salvaged, but I see the mistake in my mind even though it's covered up.  

I was trying a new technique I had just learned.  It didn't work out.   I covered it up, but I'm frustrated that the pretty background is now under a strip of purple paper. I have such a difficult time messing things up and allowing that to not affect me.

It seems that so many of the artists I've been learning from use tags to play with and to get their creative mojo going.  Maybe that is the solution.  I am playing on the wrong playground.  I am using my art journal instead of something on a small, non-permanent place.  What do you think?  Is that it?

Does anyone else have any suggestions of how get over the fear of messing up?  Suggestions of how or where to play?



  1. What a great post today! Tags are a great background on which to play. I think that most of those "free-er" artists would say that you need to get over wanting all you art journal pages to be good or perfect and that you should feel free to mess things up there, too. I haven't quite gotten to that point, but I did start a couple of extra art journals, so that I have a bit more freedom to "mess up" in some of them. As Dina Wakley says, they will make more paper.
    I've only watched ONE video in creative jumpstart! I wonder if they'll be available after the day they're posted?

    1. Rinda, I've watched some of the videos after their posting date to "catch up" You're right I forgot about Dina's comment about more paper being made.