Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Toy

We did our regular Costco trek the other day.  Buying groceries and all.  While we were there we found some LED lights for the front of the house.  The front of our house has been lightless for at least 5 or more years.  Just waiting for the right light to come along.  

Who would have thought we would find it at Costco? A grocery store.

You would have thought we brought home a new toy.  My Mann just couldn't wait to see how it worked.  
There was cardboard and plastic bags strewn all over the floor. 
That is when I saw that the box had some toys in it for me, too.  Cardboard.  
Visions of Christy Tomlinson and Donna Downey started to dance in my head.  I could see them ripping, cutting, and stenciling using simple cardboard.    

I would never have thought about using the cardboard this way.  Thanks Christy and Donna for sharing your ideas.

Have you had your eyes opened in one way or another by another person?  


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