Friday, January 27, 2012

A Rock

There is this rock that has a draw on me.  Well, on most everyone who sees it.  Last year a couple days before Valentine's day My Mann and I had a very romantic day at the big rock.  

I had so many beautiful pictures and memories from that day and they were just sitting in my computer.  I came across them while looking for ideas of what to scrapbook for this week.  I'm glad I found them and did something with them.  

I didn't get very fancy with the "paper"  because I wanted to showcase the photos.  It feels really odd to not have any journaling on this page.  Just couldn't think of anything to say that would add to the photographs.  

I hope you have a lovely day.  It's the beginning of a weekend.  I hope you have  a great one and thanks for stopping by.  

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