Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snapshot Saturday

A couple months ago My Mann and his brother and sisters have been going through their family home.  They have been selecting those items that were meaningful to them of their parents belongings.  We were the recipients of a clock that his parents had for almost as long as we've been married.
During the week I was practing with the three elements of exposure.  At the time the lighting was low because the sun was already down and I didn't have lights on in the house.  
 While focusing on the face of the clock the tick-tock of the pendulum kept time in my mind.   I wanted to capture the motion of the pendulum.  I should have brought down my ISO and/or slowed down the shutter speed in order to get more of a smooth motion of the pendulum.  Or maybe I do have that motion, but you can't see it because of the weight in the center of the swing.  Naaa.

I heard Donna Downey encourage in the Creative Jump Start today to "make as many mistakes as you can because that is the way we learn."   I'm going to try and put myself out on the line more  and just do in order to see what happens instead of letting perfectionism getting in the way.  

I've discovered a mistake to learn from in the pictures above.  Now, I've learned something.  At the time I was taking picture I think I was more concerned about getting the weights in focus more than I was about the swing of the pendulum.  Note to self: Think about any motion that may be happening in the frame and if it should be the focal point.  

Have you made any mistakes to help you learn things this week?


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