Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Declare Peace


It's been a while since I've been here.

Trying to figure out some things.  Like what color to paint four of the walls in my house.  Do you have as much difficulty picking a color as I do?  Well that's another story.

Today I'm sharing my attempt to continue art journaling while away from home.   Before leaving I pulled a picture I had found earlier from a magazine. 

Big whoop, huh?  This is what I call really going out on a limb.  Maybe not for you but for me, timidly dipping my toes into the art journal waters, "art journaling" away from home was is a big deal.   I didn't know what to pack in an art journal travel kit or how I would art journal on the go.  I did manage to be on the look out for something to add to my page.  I tore a section of the newspaper from the area we were staying and glued it (after I got back home) to my page.  Exciting, ya?  

I didn't get very fancy with my pages.  My imagination takes a lot of time and effort to get it come up with an idea.  I haven't figured out how to take what I see and take in during the day to turn it into an idea for something to put on paper.  I do much better writing, not that my writing is all that great.  Since my writing isn't that great it gives you an idea of where down the line my artistic imagination falls and the amount of practice I have to put into it.  Since writing comes easier to me that is what I did for this week in my art journal while on the go.  I did enjoy using the white pen, that was fun and it worked great on the magazine paper.  

I found that I only wanted to write on the black portion of the picture because the adirondack chair on the boardwalk looked so inviting and I didn't want to detract from that  feeling.

I wonder where that lake is.  I would like to be sitting in that chair.  Just relaxing.  Feeling the sun on my skin.  Sipping a tall glass of Dr. Pepper.  Hmmm.  My imagination didn't have trouble kicking in for that.   I guess I can daydream pretty easily, too.

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