Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Ya, Huh.

I had fun experimenting with found items and some stamps and my poor attempt at sketching.  I was about to throw a shopping bag from Target into the recycle can when I noticed the holiday design printed on the bag.  I brought it back into the house and cut out some snowflakes which I then decoupaged to my journal page.

It started with an idea spawned by a rubber stamp of a row of houses.  Seeing the stamp made me think of all the activity going on in homes in the anticipation of Christmas.  Homes filled with packages being wrapped, visitors coming and going, smells of good things being baked in the kitchen.
On this day I happen to be listening to Handle's Messiah.  One of my favorite songs is All we, like Sheep.  That is how the sheep found themselves on a hillside and one lone one in the yard by the house.  

The day before Christmas I didn't do much but write a quote I had heard. The ribbon strip got a little out of control in its thickness.  I'm not a very good doodler so I haven't quite figured out how to control my pen. It was all the pen's fault. I had nothing to do with it.  The pen took my hand to hold itself upright.
Same for the day after Christmas,  just a quick write about the weather and add a cancelled Christmas postage stamp.  I didn't want to get out of the habit of showing up in my art journal.   
Blogger is being a stinker and uploaded this picture sideways.  Can't figure out how to change it. 
The week between Christmas and New Year I learned more about color washes and ink pads getting mixed up with water.  Not a pretty picture this time around. I gotta get me some color ink pads that are water resistant.  

I'm taking comfort in this quote from Albert Einstein.  "Any who never made a mistake had never tried anything new."  I've used all the items before just not in this new combination.  All was good until that stamped images got wet with the color wash spray.  Oh yeah, wash = water.  Regular ink pad ink spreads nicely with water.  

Have a great day playing in your creative zone.  

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  1. Lovely post today - I love, love, love the first set of pages.