Thursday, February 2, 2012

The contents

Since I've stopped doing Project 365 I have been out of the habit keeping my eyes open to picture possibilities and ways to practice with my camera.  

I've been trying to make a conscience effort, that is when I remember to pick up my camera, to work on the light element of the exposure triangle.  
During the week I tried to find something to photograph.  My Mann had left a box full of all kinds of metal thingies on the floor. The box had an accident and fell over spewing its contents every which way, yet one more time, so  I'm told in an exasperated tone of voice.   

The only available  light was coming from the residue of an already set sun through the sliding glass door. I'm pleased with the lighting in the particular shot, even the way the light shines through the little pipe, dealy thing,  but I am not happy with the composition.   The little pipe, dealy thing is too centered and that bugs me.  What do you think?  

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