Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Balance

I was out looking for something to photograph.  I've run out of people to photograph since they are going away to school or being a social butterfly.  That's a little bit saddening but I'm happy that they are making a life of their own.  

So what does one photograph when the peeps are gone?  I took a walk about in the back yard and found some bird of paradise blooming.  It was overcast and somewhat warm out.  We are expecting rain and it feels a little like the tropics on a cool day.  If I have to have rain that is the way to have it.  
I decided to leave the auto white balance on instead of changing it to cloudy.  I am please with the color. True to what I was seeing.

Then I noticed a rock sitting on the garden soil.  This rock has been hanging around for many years.  I like this rock. I think it's pretty.  Maybe I should give it a name and make it my pet rock.  Remember those?  I may be advertising my age with that comment.  Ignore that .  
I took a picture of this rock still using auto white balance because it worked so nicely with the bird of paradise.  But my rock came out on the blue side.  I changed the white balance to shade and my picture came out on the yellow side.  I had to create a custom white balance to get it right.  
Why is it that the auto white balance worked perfectly for one item but not on the other?  Can anyone tell me? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm going to take a leap and try to participate in Ali Edwards A Day in the Life today.  Have you ever documented the hours of a day in your life?  I wonder if mine will be very interesting.  I'll let you know what I found out and how I did with it.


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