Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Hard Do Dogs Work?

My Mann and I have been working like dogs.  Not like the pet dogs of today. More like the sheep dogs or working dogs on ranches.  You know if you really think about it dogs don't work all that hard. Maybe working like idiots would be a more appropriate simile. 

We have been totally consumed in repairing My Boy's old room (His new room is at college) all in an effort to make it habitable for my mum.  She will be visiting us for several weeks.  Woohoo!

My Mann would do his strenuous day job then come home and do more work.  Poor guy he didn't have any time to relax.

Instead he came home from work to work 3-4 hours more each night.  He hefted furniture from the upstairs room downstairs to the living room which became the holding tank.  He then hefted lots of heavy boxes downstairs which My Boy had loaded up with stuffsa he wasn't taking to school then hid in his closet behind closed doors.

Once the closet was emptied My Mann didn't stop.  He began ripping out the the closet shelving.

He then ripped out the old heating register and venting to put in a larger one in hopes of heating the room better.

While still in the ripping mode of operandi out went the old and beautifully stained carpet from the closet and bedroom.

Next, now going the other direction - Up - he lugged bundles and squares of wood.

Also going up was an air compressor, shop vacuum, two floor sanders and the lightest item - an automatic nailer (to be connected to the aforementioned compressor).  That was all the easy part.  After the ripping, hefting and lifting of said materials came the measuring, cutting, and nailing, seasoned generously, with panting, moaning and stretching of sore muscles and back.

Now that I think about it I think I was working more like a dog.  I would watch and give encouragement with a wet kiss more than physically work during the hefting and floor installation.
Once the floor was installed I was gently asked what color I wanted the walls painted.  Not white nor anything like unto it I answered.  This simple little question led to:
  • One week of traipsing to and from paint stores with two containers of paint samples at a time.
  • Painting each sample color on two walls.

  • Waiting for the paint to dry and inspecting the results in different lights.
  • Restless night sleeps because I couldn't find or settle on a color I liked.
 Finally.  A decision was made after seeing a swatch that called out to me - Butter Cookie

This is the point that I started to physically do things in the room like fill dart holes, wash walls of soda spray and finger prints while My Mann repaired a hole knocked in the wall by the door handle. 
Then we painted.

Once the painting was completed then came the sanding and finishing of the wood.  
When the finish had dried sufficiently it was time to move furniture back into the room.  A lot of the items that were in the room to begin with did not return.  I want the room to have an inviting feel with minimal clutter.  I think that it turned out all right for now.  Maybe I'll frame some black and white photos to hang on the wall and get something for the corner behind the bed later on.  I'm in no rush. 

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  1. I think it came out quite nice and now you can just go up and admire how nice it is.