Monday, April 23, 2012

Comfort Food

When you think of comfort food what do you normally think of?  Mac n Cheese?  Some type of soup?  A  certain dish your mom made that means home and comfort?  What would that be for you?

My Boy came home for Spring Break.  He wanted only one thing, other than his girl friend that is, and that was his comfort food.  For our family that comfort food is tacos or Enchiladas.

But not just any tacos or enchiladas.  We learned to fry our own taco shells.  Enchiladas like Mom makes are different from ay we've found elsewhere.  We've tried many different enchiladas all with disappointment.  We have basically stopped trying to find Mom's Enchiladas outside of the family.

My mommy taught me how to make enchiladas.  She makes the best and I grew up eating her cheese enchiladas.  In turn I made enchiladas Mom's way for my family and my kidlets grew up eating those enchiladas.  Then I went to work full time which meant less time to cook.  By this time the kidlets were much older and knew there way around a kitchen and could manage it with ease.  When they got the craving they would fix the enchiladas.

The secret ingredient?  It is more like a step actually.  We fry the tortillas

before coating it with the enchilada sauce.

While My Boy was home we had both comfort foods.  For My Boy's birthday I made the tacos.  My Boy made the enchiladas on another night.

We love our tacos and enchiladas.  How about you?  Have you had your comfort food lately?

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  1. That's how my mom used to make enchiladas! All she would put inside was grated longhorn cheese. She would put a bit more cheese, lettuce and sour cream on top (maybe a little chopped onion, too). I loved them! We all did. Makes me miss her.