Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gone in the Blink of an Eye

On yesterday's commute home we were experiencing some pretty strange weather.  There was rain in  the forecast so the dark ominous clouds were no surprise.  What was strange was the strong winds blowing blowing tree limbs down and kicking dust every which way.  Not very good conditions for taking pictures.

On this particular day I was thinking of taking pictures of some fields I've been noticing that had a strange crop growing all lush and green. 

For my commute to work I have the a choice of how I want to go to get there.  I can take the freeway or I can take a two lane highway through some agricultural lands to get there.  Just depends on whether or not I want to fight traffic in the fast lanes with not much scenery or the slow one surrounded by beauty.

During this week I've chosen to go the scenic route through the fields. 

For several weeks now I've been noticing a strange crop to the area.   This week I was hoping to a get a shot of those fields with the strange crop.  The crop wasn't strange in the never before seen kind of way but in the never seen growing in this area kind of way.  We usually have salad greens, flowers, broccoli, citrus, avocado, boysenberry, and the like growing here.

But this crop looks like a grain of some sort.  I've been watching these beautiful grasses grow so lush and so tall over the past weeks.  In my 8 years of driving through this area I never seen grain growing here and I knew I had to get a picture of it. 

The day before I was singing

Amber waves of grain in anticipation of them ripening to a golden brown.

Then on my way home I drove past the first field and 


And!  (I can't breathe)

It was gone!

Horrors!  I missed it!

Then I drove past the second field only to see it plowed under, too.

Holding my breath I came upon the third and last field

There it was!  

I caught the John Deere in the act!   

All a part of the natural rhythm of life.  Maybe the crop was grown just long enough to add nitrogen into the soil for the next crop.  I'm glad I have been able to witness it even though I don't fully understand it.  Kind of the same way I don't understand all the uncertainty and what is happening in my life at the moment yet trying to trust the Master Farmer's plan for me. 

Do you have things going on that you're unsure about?  What helps you to keep going?


  1. There are several "missed" camera shots that I recall. It's amazing how fast things can change in the landscape.

  2. A good way to compare it to life