Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break

I mentioned here that I thought I would be missing Easter celebrations this year.  Last week was our Spring break.  I had finished the that huge project the week prior to Spring break and so looking forward to the vacation.  
Time for pampering.   
Time to relax in luxury and comfort.

Time for the luxury of being waited on by my own personal chefs.  
Time for endless blue seas.  
Time for exploring foreign lands.  One of my favorite things to do.  
Exploring that is, foreign or otherwise.  

I came home from work Friday to quickly get some laundry done in order to pack only to find my mum and My Sweet Pea gone.  The house empty.  Not really too concerned as they could be shopping or something.  Finally they arrive.
You can imagine my surprise.
Poor thing.  Mom was so upset that she took a silly trip.  She went for a walk by herself earlier in the day and took a trip, to the ground, on a silly speed bump.  She landed hard breaking both wrists and her right thumb as well.  Her face was bruised from the sunglasses when her face hit the ground.  She was fortunate that her teeth weren't broken.  She was so upset that she ruined her cruise and ours by this mishap.

You can image all our disappointment but this past week didn't have new sights but we had lots of new experiences.  Like I never dreamed I would be giving injections of insulin multiple times a day to my mum...or anyone for that matter.  As well as making new discoveries about funny, funny mother.   I'm glad for the chance we have had together for these past few weeks even though they didn't pan out to be the ones we had planned. 

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