Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm lovin' the warmer weather and the days are getting longer.

I'm lovin' the warm sunshine after work and that I am able to catch some rays and hula hoop dance to my heart's content while listening to music.

I'm lovin' this album: Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor by Caro Emerald.  It is the perfect music to hula hoop to.  It makes me smile.  It makes me sing. 

I'm loving my HTC EVO android phone, still, and that I can take my music, podcasts, and kindle books with me all contained in a little device just slightly larger than the palm of my hand.

Fun music
Fun exercise
How can you go wrong?

What are you lovin' this week?  


  1. OUr weather is spectacular this weekend! May take the dog out for another walk. My niece loves the hula hoop (goes for about 45 minutes a day), and it has really given her a great figure.

  2. I am loving you!!! You make life fun.