Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Feedly

Last year I had signed up for the Google Reader.  I had great hopes that I would be able to get all the blogs I follow under control.  That I could easily follow and quickly read them.  

That didn't last for more than a week.    I couldn't figure out how to clean out the already read posts. I'm not sure it that is me or Google that was unfriendly.  For me, I felt it had a cluttered feeling.  I found it difficult to use.  I left the Google reader in the dust.

Then one day I was listening to a podcast of one of my two favorite podcasts; The Paperclipping Roundtable or The Digi Show.  At the end of the podcast product picks of the week are shared.  On this particular podcast one of the panel members shared My Feedly as her pick of the week.

My heart was hoping to fall in love with the perfect, well an almost perfect blog reader would do, too.

So I went there and started to set up my own Feedly account.   That was over six months ago and its a match made in internet land.  I love that I can click on the title of the blog and see the full post right there.  I don't have to wait for the loading process.  It's almost instantaneous. 

I like that I can choose how I want to see my feeds. 

I can choose to see the latest posts in a list format.

Or in a grid format allowing me to pick a blog based on how intriguing the post looks. 

If I have limited time to check out blogs I can click on a particular topic.  When you choose to follow blogs on My Feedly you can put them in a category of your choosing.  So I want to scope out art journaling all I have to do is click that category and I see only those blogs I've placed there. 

For me, I think My Feedly helps to save the amount of time I am on the internet.  I love that I can easily trash a post after reading it or go to see the actual post at the website.

I also live that if I think I may want to return to a particular post all I have to do is tag it to "Save for later" .  A very helpful feature, in my opinion.  And it's easy retrieve them.

Are you feeling like you need to minimalize your process for following blogs?  I think you should check out My Feedly.  It's simple to set up and get started and simple to use.  


  1. Oooh - thanks for the hint (and how fun is it to see my blog right there!).

  2. Does that mean you can spend more time with me??