Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Day

There is something wonderful about life.

It is the hope of a new day.  The sun beginning a new cycle of rising, shining, and setting.

I am so glad for new days.  It means new opportunities, a new chance.

I am thinking I need instigate some new ways.

Maybe it more like old ways with new determination to keep up a routine.

1. Set up a consistent routine to keep some new areas skin  from jiggling more than before and building bones that seem to be less dense than they should be for my safety and a full life.

2. Take a moment to read and ponder a scripture or two.  Nothing like I use to do years before.  Feeling like I need to open that door again. Albeit, slowly, as I am thinking I'm in a place that I can be open to that again.

3. Lighten up.  This would be a new thing.  Don't think I've ever been light of stuff.  I just know I'm feeling weighed down with stuff. I am having difficulty seeing the things I love  through the clutter and mediocrity in my home.  This feels like it will be really hard thing to tackle.   Especially when there's stuff from other members living in the same surroundings that I don't feel I have the authority to declutter.  But not to worry about their stuff.  Just downsize mine to the things I love around me.  Maybe that will help my creative juices to be energized.

How about you? Are you feeling like a new day  is just the ticket for some changes on the horizon?  I'd like to read what new ways you're thinking of bringing out.

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