Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go

I am getting a kick out of my two kidlets this week.

MY SWEET PEA has taken off on a road trip.

By herself.

My Mann was proud of me for not freaking out while we loaded up her car and waved good-by from our position on the front lawn and driveway.  I just repeatedly asked her if she had her cell phone and charger.  She kept assuring me that she had. . . until she got tired of me asking.  Then she said, "At least, I think I have it.  If not, oh, well."

Whilst on the road she was stopped by a police man and from that stop received valuable information about.......


Ya, you heard read right, beef.

("Where's the Beef!" Remember that commercial?  I may be dating myself with that last thought.)

How often have you been driving with the wide expanse of nothing on either side of you and asphalt path laid before you?  With nothing to do but think.  So think you do.  Puzzleing about the meal you had the night before.   Wondering why an up-scale restaurant would serve such a fatty piece of the steak?

How often have you been driving whilst thus thinking, speeding along on your merry way, when all of a sudden there are flashing lights in your rear view mirror.


Is the first thing you think, "Ah! Ha!  Here is the answer to my puzzle!"?

Not hardly.

But that is the way it turned out for My Sweet Pea.  Who can NOT love My Sweet Pea and want to take care of her.  The policeman did have the answer to her puzzle (because his family owned a cattle ranch) and he warned her to be careful because the roads are dangerous.  Then sent her on her merry way.

MY BOY has taken his past experiences from the many times I drove him to one studio or location after another, in order to be an extra for a movie, TV show, or commercial and put it to some use.

I hesitated about writing good in front of the word use, so I left it out.  It was probably more like fun use.  Divergent use.  Procrastination use.

To help the medicine of school projects, homework and studying (well, I hope there is at least a smidgen of that happening) he has taken that experience to work in front of the camera again.  He spent a very long day filming, acting, doing voice overs, and whatever else is involved, except writing the jingle or playing an instrument,  in order to create a 35 second commercial for a contest.

My Boy is the one still in a leg brace from his knee surgery last month.  That's My Boy.  The Fun one.


  1. Wow - such adventures for both of your kids!

  2. I'll always remember how I could have been in the movie "Dude Where's My Car" but my "taxi" decided to break down that day. haha It was definitely fun making this video!!