Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is a Journal?

What is a journal?  When you hear the word journal what comes to your mind?

If you had asked me that a year ago I would have replied that writing in a journal was just a rehashing of the day's events. Period. The end.  Boring.  Especially when you lead a fairly non-eventful life.  But if there was some negative drama going on in life why on earth would I want to write about it in order to live through it a second time around?

I use to keep journals/diaries during different times in my life.  I did much better at it when I was a teenager.  Don't know especially why that was since I didn't have a social life to write about.   Maybe it seemed more appealing rather than doing the alternative: homework.

Then back in September last year I found and pinned an article about journaling that intrigued me.  The blog author, Karen Walrond, related a conversation she had with Jen Lee.  Jen explained how her journal holds her deepest thoughts and sometimes a list  or a note to pick something up at the market.

What?  It isn't just a recap of the day or your most inner thoughts?

She carries around her journal and "adds things to it all day long."  It could be a phone number or an address.  Basically she says if she has to write down she writes it in her journal.

That is when I knew this type of journal was for me.  Up to this time I had sticky note, paper scrapes, a small note pad, and index cards swimming around in my purse all with important tidbits of my life and information scribbled on them.

I think I could use something like that to corral all the little tidbits I write down.  I mulled this thought around in my mind for a couple months before I decided to actually see if I could make it work for me.

And I am liking it.   I rarely have a chance to write three pages a day as described in The Artist's Way like Jen Lee does.  What I am able to capture in my journal is a picture of where I am on any given day.

If I've heard or read something I want to remember, I write it in my journal.

I use my journal to keep a list of the gifts I found during the day. It holds some of my doodle practicing or sometimes it just holds my thoughts and writings.

and it has even turned into a smash book of sorts for collecting ephemera.  I love keeping a journal now and I'm  loving mine.

Do you keep a journal?  How do you keep your thoughts, lists, and ideas all pinned down?

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  1. I sometimes have a notebook/ journal with my to-do's and other important information.