Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Just Want to Share

My life has been feeling like crap lately due to some circumstances out of my control...again.

To cope with life I took a time out and was catching up on some blogs I follow when I read Fat Mum Slim's post Up in the Air Encounters.  It reminded me of how blessed I am and inspired a desire to show more kindness to all I encounter and to look for opportunities to show more random acts of kindness.

There are those angels all around us who are there to give us a smile, time talk, or a hug when we most need it.  I want to thank the angel (DV) who was there when I needed one this week.  She brought me Kleenex, took me in her arms and let me cry on her shoulder, telling me I don't need to hold the tears back.  That  could  have been very uncomfortable in that particular setting, but that made the biggest difference in my day and one I will remember for a very long time. Thank you angel (DV)

Please pop on over to take a quick read of  Fat Mum Slim's post Up in the Air Encounters..  It made me feel good.

Has an angel cross your path recently?  How did you know?


  1. Glad there was an angel handy in a time of need. Thank heavens those people.

    1. So true. I know that you have acted as an angel for more than a few people on a daily basis, yourself. Thank you for being there,