Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Vacation

Summer is here!  For some of you summer may have already arrived.  Here the weather is starting to heat up, the June gloom is burning off a little earlier in the day, the breeze still has the ocean coolness to it, and best of all the days of sunlight are longer.   
My first week of work-less days (I know it may be later than your summer days) I have been able to feel some creative mojo.  It feels good!  I put together a scrapbook page, my first in about a year.
I saw a scrapbook starting point from Shimelle that I thought I could use with an old photo I've had waiting to be scrapped.  And this is how it turned out.
After reading about Ali Edwards Summer Bucket list I thought about starting one of my own this year.  I've signed up to participate in a couple projects with photography this summer along with learning some Photoshop Element tricks and taking a couple inexpensive self-paced scrapbook classes.  One will be a Summer Scavenger Hunt hosted by Maria at GalloOrganico and the other will be Liberate Your Art Swap hosted by Kat Eye Studio.  I think both will be very doable and give me a chance to discover some new things about my surroundings, myself, and my camera.  Looking forward to it.

How about you?  Will you be doing something this summer that will encourage you to learn something new?

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  1. I've signed on to both of those projects as well. I'm also taking Katrina Kennedy's course "Exposure" and the lastest Online Card Class "Stretch Your Stamps." Probably too much, but that's nothing new!