Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Recap

Weather:  It has been wonderfully warm, almost hot during the day, this past week.  Perfect for my liking.

Wondering: How does the weather know that it is now June?  On the second day of June it started.  We are now experiencing the June gloom phenomena.  That means we wake up to cool, overcast, foggy skies that eventually burn off by mid-afternoon accompanied with increasing temperatures.  It makes it very difficult to dress.  Do you dress for the cool mornings or warmer afternoons?  That invariably means your shlepping around sweaters or uncomfortable in the afternoons.  I hope June gloom doesn't hang around through August as it has in the past.
Working: I am really starting to think about bones.  Mine are already at risk.  I have been diagnosed as osteopenia for several years now with little change.  I don't drink milk, and I don't really care for ice cream.  I've recently discovered my love of yogurt is also responsible for my problems with sinus congestion and headaches so I've eliminated that. In an effort to find some sort of alternative to build bone mass My Mann and I have started a work out regime.  I don't mind the days of upper body weight exercises but I quickly learned to dread the lower body workout days.  Unfortunately my lower body could use the muscle strengthening and bone building more.  It's good to workout with a partner.  If My Mann didn't keep me in check I would skip those days.

Watching: We finally went to see The Avengers.  We liked it.

Writing:  I wrote up my resume last week.  It looks like I will need to look for work as my current place of employment will not be around for much longer.  I've never had to look for a job before. I've usually been offered positions.  This is a new venture for me.

Looking forward to a full new week. Are you experiencing anything new in your life?


  1. Thanks for the peek in your life. We've definitely moved into drippy mornings here as well. We're working on packing up and final planning for our trip!

  2. Gosh, really interesting peek into your life right now :)

    Yes, I'm facing a new direction work-wise - mostly my own decision, though partly thrust upon me - I hope you find a new job that suits you well as quickly and easily as possible. Sorry to hear that this is being thrust upon you, though.

    PS I was interested in your foodie comments on my blog! For us, flapjacks are made with oats, butter, sugar and syrup. I'll get around to putting the recipe on my blog soon! And the tortilla was a wheat one made with wholemeal flour, which might be why it looked a bit different? x