Monday, June 25, 2012

You're Not Done Yet

Sometimes I feel like saying "I'm getting too old for this."

I wonder if gaining experience is really worth it.

In Sunday School, our teacher, mentioned how she prayed over her lesson the night before.  The answer she received was, "You're not done yet."

I couldn't stop thinking about that one simple sentence.

You're not done yet.

When she said that I thought of cakes and yummies baking.  (I was hungry at the time.  I went to church without breakfast.)

Then I began to think about Life.  Experience. Growth. The Refiner's Fire.

I had seen a canvas that Donna Downey recently created with some giant poppies.  I love those poppies  so much that I began to recreate them for  myself in my lonely, forgotten art journal.
Somehow on  my canvas those poppies needed something else.  It just didn't feel right.  I felt like I needed to add something.  They couldn't just stand alone.  I said aloud to the page, "What do I need to do to finish you?"  "You're not done yet."

That was it.  That was what I wrote across the poppies.  You're not done yet.
I looked at that unfinished piece for a couple days until I just decided to write my thoughts about me.  No, I'm still not done.  I'm still working, still trying to be a better person, a thoughtful person, and kinder person, a more Christlike person.

Then I came across a quote from (Chatting at the Sky) Emily's dad which I added to the page.  He said, "We make mistakes of thinking people have arrived and we judge them there.  But they are always changing, growing, learning and so are we."

We're. Not. Done. Yet!
Lastly I added butterflies.  Butterflies don't begin life as butterflies.  They have a trying process to endure before they become beautiful, fluttering, wonders. 

Are you struggling to make an experience worthwhile or great? So all you soon to be butterflies, keep chewing your way through that cocoon.  You are awesome!


  1. What an uplifting post today! Thanks for sharing,

  2. You are done when you are full. As scientists have learned, the universe is ever expanding and so are we. You know what that means??

  3. Beautiful art journaling and wonderful post!