Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet Me At the Fair

I like county fairs.  How about you?

I find it interesting to see the different breeds of rabbits, goats, and sheep. The garden displays are always fun to photograph.  And this guy with dreadlocks was a pretty cool sheep dude.
And there are the displays of so many talented people who do various sorts of amazing, awe inspiring projects.  Another interesting part, to me, of the fair are all the vendors.  Everywhere you turn there is something interesting, comical, or ingenious for sale.

I found some ephemera from a fair I went to, by myself, a couple years ago.  A first and so far last time I've done that. Here is how it turned out.  I started with another of Shimelle's Scrapbook Starting Points and turned it on its side. 
The style of the page came out on the wild and crazy side, for me.  Nothing like I've ever done before.  Maybe that is a sub-conscience message of the event - going to a large fair by myself,  making a big purchase from the vendors?  Both very unusual.  Maybe I shouldn't go by myself.  Another unusual thing for this page is the fact that there are NO picture, just ephemera. 
The colors?  I just don't know what to say about them.  They are definitely NOT my go to colors nor a color combination I would have ever dreamed up.  They just kind of happened when I set the Fair pamphlet down on top of a pile of stuff sitting on my table.  On top of the table was a sheet of pink paper from the Freestyle collection by Teresa Collins.  Again not a choice I would have made (sorry, Teresa).  It came as part of a kit. But that pink paper drove the whole layout and I'm liking the serendipity of the whole project. 
Maybe this year, at the fair, I'll have to brave the food or rides.  Not my choice of things to spend my time or money on while at the fair.  I know, I'm a stick in the mud. Who knows I may find I like it as much as I like this pink, orange, and turquoise colored layout.

Will you be going to the fair this summer?  What is your favorite parts or things to do while there?

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  1. love your page Linda and thank you so much for visiting my blog today ;-)