Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekends Are

For Adventures

My Mann and I needed a little day-cation so we went to

I had gone to Venice several years ago and Italy has a way of getting under your skin and into your blood.  I've felt part Italian ever since.  I've even been mistaken as Italian, but alas I cannot claim any genetic Italian blood coarsing through any of my veins. 
I still dream of going back and taking My Mann with me when I do. 

For today we took a short, low flying ride in the comfort of our Saab to explore the waterways of Venice. 
It was so much fun walking down the little walkways where all the homes are open to everyone who passes by.  It was hard to decide where to look.  There was so much to see - the water, small boats, tiny plots of  landscaping, fountains, or home interiors that were a mere five feet away.  One home even had its walls slid open to let the open air in. 

Around every corner there was something beautiful to see.

At one corner I could have sworn I found my own little Hobbit Hole sealed with a kiss.
But the piece de resisitance was turning the corner to find this
A beautiful, bright, Cheshire smile in the water.  A real Italian gondola.

Have yourself a great adventure this week.


  1. Love this post - we had a great time in Venice, Italy, but I really like how you transposed it to your own local Venice.