Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Line, A Division, A Border, and An Apex

I was challenged to find and photograph a border.

Border: The part or edge of a surface or area that forms its outer boundary. 

The choices are endless. 

Border of a plate.

Border design on fabric.

Speaking of borders, In a Better Homes and Garden magazine I once saw a really cute border between a lawn and garden made of china.
Found this picture at A Cultivated
This person took that idea and actually did it.  Don't you think this is cute?  Many, many years ago I saved a picture from the magazine thinking someday I'd like to do that.  So far that someday hasn't come around yet.

I digress.  Border ideas.  With it being summer and all and traveling from one place to another there are borders or division of one state or country from another.

As you may know, from past scavenger hunt posts, we did take a little road trip and in the process I found, saw, and crossed many borders.

Borders dividing states:
On the huge suspension bridge, which now handles vehicle traffic transversing back and forth from Nevada and Arizona instead of the old two lane highway on Hoover Dam, there is a plague on the state line you can see if you walk the bridge. 
The Nevada and Arizona state line runs right through the middle of the Hoover Dam.  I think it looks pretty cool the way it was painted on the pavement in the movie When Fools Rush In.  But I think that was there just for the movie. On the dam they do recognize it with this plague. 

Borders dividing time lines:
When traveling from one place to another it makes it handy to have cell phones.  They automatically correct themselves from the information they receive from the cell towers.  Now when the question is asked by a fellow passenger, who happens to be looking confusedly at their watch, what time it is you can whip out your phone, look at the time, and know that you are giving the right time for the place you happen to be at that time.  This could be especially confusing crossing those Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico lines when some states change to Daylight savings and some do not.  Very confusing!

Borders that affect water drainage: 
Out of all the borders I crossed over or stood on during this trip I still find the Continental divide the most impressive.

Number one reason? 

It is so beautiful.

And so dang long!
Map from
Do you realize that it starts up at the top of the North American continent in Alaska, moves on down through British Columbia, the United States, Mexico, and all the way down South America finishing at the southern most tip of Argentina and Chile?  No?  Neither did I until I just now looked it up.

The continental divide is comprised of mountain ranges.  The two largest being the Rocky mountains and the Andes.  Rainfall, snow melt, and any water really will drip, wind, meander, trickle in one of two directions.  Everything on the west of the Divide drains into the Pacific Ocean and anything on the east will take a much longer trip to the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, or Caribbean Oceans.

I wouldn't mind being in the Caribbean Ocean.

On road trips we use to hear and then repeat fables about the Continental Divide, like when you flush a toilet or drain the tub on the eastern side of the divide the water twirls down the drain in one direction and on the western side it's the opposite way.
When I heard this as a kid I would think that I wish I had paid attention to details like this when I was on the other side and that I would make a note to pay attention at home as to which way it twirled down.  Then once I was home I'd forget all about it.  Then think the whole thing all over again when I'd cross the divide the next time.  You do a lot of divide crossing if you live in California. Most places you travel to are on the east side of the divide.
Well, my lovelies, have a great day and don't let borders hold you in.  Spread your wings and fly off to new horizons.


  1. What a great post! Exactly what I was thinking about when I chose "border." And I love the closing sentiment of your post.

  2. Oh wow, love your borders!! (Oh boy, I miss California...)