Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Pier

A Pier.  An item for this summer's photo scavenger hunt hosted by Rinda.  This one was pretty easy to find and it was enjoyable spending time there.  I think due to growing up fairly near the coastline in Southern California, at least that is what I'll blame it on for me, there is a inner earning inside me which draws me to the sea.  It is a source of calm.  And heaven knows, with the rush and stress of the day, we can all use some calm.
While there, at the place where land meets water, I always find something that amazes me.
Something that makes me smile.
Some things that make me wonder.
Like why  is it with the magnetic influence of the ocean over me why am I not a fan of going into the water? Well, that too may have something to do with growing up around southern California beaches.  The water is cold!!!  Always, always cold, no matter the season.  Nothing like the pleasant warm bath waters of the Caribbean and Hawaii that I enjoy splashing in.
And what do surfers think about when they're just sitting out there waiting, looking like seals bobbing up and down on the small swells.  I wonder if they think about JAWS.  I know I would.  That is another reason I don't get in the water much.
Do they brainstorm fantastic business ideas?
 Do they figure out resolutions to problems back on land, in the office?
And things that make me dream.  Like, I dream of bedroom windows open, falling asleep to the sound of the surf.  And a clothesline with wet suits and bathing suits drying in the breeze. 

Happy day!  My day strolling along the water's edge brought me additional finds for the scavenger hunt.  Item #1 A pier,  Item #2 A clothesline.  I think this is the closest I'll find to a clothesline this summer, and Item #7 A person playing a musical instrument.  They guy on the pier was playing two at a time and singing. 


  1. I love, love, love this post!!! I grew up about half hour inland from Huntington Beach and spent sooo many of my childhood days there that I am totally connected to the ocean and could never live very far from it. I love the second shot of the pier pylons - that's my paradigm vision of a pier. And what perfect, perfect clothesline!!! I love that my daughter loves going in the ocean, so now I have a wetsuit hanging outside, too.

  2. Rinda kindly linked your blog to her post. So glad she did. I have such a smile on my face looking at your happy photographs. That washing line can't be beat! Happy hunting, Irene

  3. Love your pier shots - such a beauty with all that old wood :) Your thoughts about the surfers minds and where they wander made me laugh too!