Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blue Moon

Can't you just hear The Marcels crooning?

Bluuee Mooooon, you saw me staaanding alooonne without a dream innn myyy heart, without a love of my owwwnnn.
I can't help it,
Just about every time I see a full moon that song starts running through my head.
This evening I went on a little errand and guess what I saw?

A big round white ball just a little above eye level as I came down the hill.

Once I was down the hill and able to see around it I saw able to see this.

A  beautiful sunset.
But what kept drawing my attention?
That big full moon.

Only this one is a special moon.
It's a blue moon.
Ever hear that phrase?  Once in a Blue Moon.  Blue moons are infrequent but not as uncommon as you would think from the phrase.  We get a blue moon whenever we have two full moons in the same month. 

The pictures aren't all that great because I was pointing the camera out the window, hoping  the aim was right, while watching the road in front of me. 
Good thing the streets were fairly empty 'cuz that moon was just too captivating.  Even over the neighbor's roof top.

Have yourself a wonderful blue moon day.


  1. It's too foggy to see the moon here today.

  2. I never knew that was the definition of a blue moon! I'd come across the phrase, of course, and knew what it meant, but not the literal definition of having two full moons in the same month :) (Now, if this was tomorrow, I'd have my first 'thing learnt' for Learn Something New Every Day!)