Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been on a bit of a cyberspace vacation and on an unplanned excursion.  It has been refreshing.  Enjoying the heat of summer.  Walking barefoot on heated sand and cement.  Visiting out of state family members. Reading for the pure pleasure of it.  Being lazy.  Loving my summer time daze and days.  I hope your lazy, hazy, days of summer have been time of good, fun, laughter, and pure relaxation as well.

I've used some of this vacation, relaxation time to get  some scrapbook layouts and explorations for this year's summer photo scavenger hunt.  I'll be posting these things within the next few days. 

As I've been catching up on visits to some of my favorite blogs I heard this song at Ann Voscamp's blog.
I frequently think about how grateful I am for the breath of life I've been granted each day realizing that My  Heavenly Father "is preserving [me] from day to day, by lending [me] breath, that [ I ] may live and move and do according to [my] own will, and even supporting [me] from one moment to another..." 

I try to show my love to Him by trying to refine my life and by trying to follow the example of His Beloved Son.

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