Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

I am finally getting around to posting some of the pictures I have found for the scavenger hunt this summer. Here are five of the 21 I have found so far.

Item 5 - A Train

Within the last three weeks I saw several trains from several vantage points.

Item 9 - A Fountain

This fountain is the largest chocolate fountain in the world.  It's located in the Venetian on Las Vegas Strip.  It really is interesting to see.  

Fountains kept popping up all over the place.  When you're on the lookout for something it's amazing how many you will see.

Item 10 - A Horse

I remember a time in my life when seeing a horse was an everyday, close up, encounter.  Well that phase of my life is long past.  I drive by many horse ranches and watch them with a little twinge of longing. For the this summer's scavenger hunt the only horses I saw were far in the distance or statues.

Item 15 - Someone Dancing

A blurry picture of someone dancing on a bar in one of the casinos we walked through in Las Vegas, NV.

Item 19 - An Outdoor Staircase

Two staircases.  One at the beach and the other leading to the pedestrian bridge over a Las Vegas strip intersection. 

It has been fun once more working on the scavenger hunt.  I'll post more pictures from the scavenger hunt finds later.

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Ta, ta, for now.


  1. Wow...loads of great other half has always wanted to go to Vegas...xx

  2. You've done well with lots of lovely shots.

  3. Looks like Las Vegas was a great place for the scavenger hunt. I love the Bellagio fountain.

  4. What an amazing chocolate fountain! I don't think anyone else will have one quite so enticing!

  5. All those fountains--I was lucky to find one!

  6. I'm so glad to see you back again this year. And the chocolate fountain and dancer are definitely unique!
    Thanks for linking up.

  7. Great set of pics, love that chocolate fountain,

    liz x

  8. Got to love that chocolate fountain...great set of pics!
    Alison xx

  9. I agree with Rinda - think you've got the most unusual fountain and dancer shots!

  10. You have some good shots, I like the chocolate fountain.