Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Search is Over

The scavenger hunt is in its last week.  While I had a great time looking for the scavenger hunt items I can't believe that I wasn't able to find or be in the vicinity of anyone playing with a ball.  I mean, seriously!  What's up with that?  Not even at the beach playground! 

I did find a church.
I know this item isn't all that difficult to find one, but I did have to make a bit of a special effort to get this particular church.  I've only seen it from the freeway and always loved seeing the architecture of the bell tower.  Depending on the time of day the way the light played on the tower was especially captivating and much more interesting than the traffic on the freeway.

For years I've threatened to take a picture of these strawberry stands strategically placed  about every five to ten blocks around town. It just wouldn't feel like home without these little stands everywhere.
This week is our 36th wedding anniversary.  Yeah!  Go us!

My Mann and I went for a drive and we found ourselves in Pasadena at the same little park where I happened upon the labyrinth I found for the scavenger hunt.  Your may recognize this picture from that post.
This time I got a couple shadows item #11.

Imagine picture of bride and groom dancing in the setting sunlight here.

The pictures I have from my friends wedding vanished.  Poof!  Gone.

I found a movie poster earlier this summer but then I saw this one.
It seems that movie posters seem to be getting bigger and bigger these years.  Trying to catch our attention and out do the other movie promotions.  

The last photo I have to share is me with a symbol of my nation.  Our flag.  With  me.  On the pier.
Rinda thanks for hosting this year's scavenger hunt.  It has been fun keeping a look out during those lazy, hazy days of summer and the daily routines for that item needed for the hunt.My other finds can be found here and here and here and here.

My Lovlies, may your daily routines bring moments of unexpected pleasures.



  1. You did it! Well done you :) Gosh, the memories of Pasadena and California came flooding back with your post!!

    1. When I was in Pasadena I, too, thought of your visit. It was so nice to see you and your kidlets. :)

  2. That church is beautiful! Love the strawberry stand too! TFS! :D

  3. Wonderful group of photographs for the scavenger hunt. Your labyrinth shot is so unusual. Enjoyed them all!

  4. You got some great shots! When I read your comment on my blog, I realized I also have a photo of the Continental Divide, but never thought of it as a border!