Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Without Libraries, What Have We?

Many years ago when we were homeschooling we lived at our local library.  Every week we were there for at least a couple hours researching the latest subjects of interest on the many shelves.  Friday was our library day.   

Then a funny thing happened.  The kidlets grew up, formal schooling at home stopped, I began working full time and the library became a sweet memory.

Recently, I found some time on my hands and with that extra time I was able to think about doing some reading.  So, I found myself back at the local library.  Only this time I was alone.  I was back visiting with a long, lost friend.  During those years away the library underwent a growth spurt and some interior changes in the preexisting structure. 

I think my most favorite, beside the huge new fish tank, is this wall.
It use to be a big, blank wall near the entrance.  Now, it's full of wonderful quotes about libraries.

Then as you exit there is one final quote over the door. 
A library happens to be one of this year's items of the photo scavenger hunt.  I have a few other items from the scavenger hunt like:

An angel
And a picture of an outdoor swing, or hammock in this case.
I was getting excited about having all but one of the items for the scavenger hunt ticked off my list. My last bugger is finding a ball and person together.  I just can't seem to find anyone playing with a ball.  Then as I searched for my friend's wedding pictures for my summer bride I found it has disappeared.  I can't find it on my camera or computer.  Drat.  Asi es la vida.

Well, my darlings, may your detours in life be made smoother.  It is easier when you look up. 


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  1. What a great quote! And I adore that picture of you on the hammock.