Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Around Here

Fall Edition of what is happening right now, around here.

Savoring what I am pretty sure will be the last of the wonderfully hot/warm days. Just yesterday I enjoyed the 102 degree temps with my hair blowing in the Santa Ana winds.  Perfect!

Listening to the sound of the wind as it flows through the trees.  It reminds me of days long ago as a little girl at our mountain cabin.  I liked hearing the breeze flow through the pine needles.

Starting a new journal/smash book.  I use Composition books that I have altered the covers to meet my whimsy at the moment. I started keeping these journal/smash books since early this year and I have found it meets my scrapbook-journal needs perfectly.  The book I just created and started on the first of the month will be my third.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, a wedding, and Christmas.

Growing into my new working conditions.  It has been a change that  is taking some time to get use to.  I'm learning to work virtually with very little face to face contact. That has been different.  I still don't know how I quite feel about that. 

Thinking about the upcoming presidential elections.

Satisfied that I have been faithful in keeping my weight training routine for the last three months.  Excited to see defined muscle in my calves and arms.  I started this because I have been diagnosed as osteopenia.  Free weight exercises should be helpful in controlling the downward spiral to osteoporosis. 

Watching the new seasons of Bones, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.  It was good to have these back again.  Their last season episodes were real cliff hangers. 

Munching on a homemade "Trail Mix" of chocolate chips and roasted almonds.  the mix is about three chips to one almond.  It satisfies that chocolate craving and I get a bit of protein from the almond.  It makes it all seem a little on the healthy side, don't you think?

Waiting for the Paperwhites to bloom.  They seem really early this year.  Usually there are coming up and blooming around Thanksgiving.

That's it for now My Lovlies.  What is happening around your place this season?


  1. I'm also enjoying new shows - especially Parenthood and Grey's Anatomy. It's been super warm here as well - for us that means 80's.


  2. Gotta love those healthy munchies! :) Sounds like it's rather warmer with you than it is here with us...

  3. We're headed for the low 50's here this weekend. I'm not quite ready to give up the lovely warm fall weather, but I do like getting my fall sweaters out. Do you have a photo of one of your SMASH/journals? I'd love to see it.