Sunday, October 28, 2012

By the Sea

This weekend has been exhausting!  Just haven't been able to sleep well at night or take a nap during the day.  So today I went to my place of balance to readjust and be still.
While there My Mann and I discovered some fun things.  The first and most unusual to me was spotting a fishing troller just off shore.
In all the years I've lived here and been at the beach I've never seen one so close let alone several having a fishing party.

Wading in the water and among the rocks there was a lot to discover like . . .

Have a good week My Lovelies.


  1. How lovely - I can see how that would recharge your batteries :) We're lucky enough to be near the sea here, though I don't take as much advantage of that as I should - but it's not exactly the Pacific!!

  2. Beautiful photographs! I would love to live close to the ocean.