Sunday, November 25, 2012


The weeks and days past we celebrated My Sweet Pea's birthday and a couple days ago we celebrated relationships and the joy of food.  I managed to complete by  weekly project life prior to Thanksgiving preparations, but I wasn't able to find a moment more to post them.

It's has been pretty liberating to scrap weekly events digitally and easily "clean up" my scrapping materials.  This hasn't taken away my need to spend some time in the tactile method of scrapping and at this point in time my smash/journal is fulfills that desire. 
When I quilted I loved running my hands over the fabrics and loved the rhythmic, rocking motion of hand quilting.  I think that is when I realized how much gratification I receive from the tactile process of creativity.
As much as I like tactile creativity that doesn't mean I like dirty hands.  My mom tells me that I couldn't stand to have dirty hands as a little girl and I would come to her asking her to wash mud or other offensive particles off my hands.

Do you have some quirk or personality trait, as a child, that manifests itself, still, in your life?

Have a wonderful day, My Lovelies.  Ciao.

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