Thursday, November 8, 2012

In the Smash/Journal

Now, for a look in the beginning stages of my Smash/Journals evolution. 

I kept volumes of journals regularly as a teen then I quit once I became engaged, never to start again once  married and becoming a mommy.  Go figure, huh?  You'd think that I would want to have a record of that time.  Chalk that up to...

Well,  moving on.
I just started with the process that I already knew.  The difference now from the journals I kept as a teen is now there are so many more things added to the pages.  I use to cards received for birthdays, but now I've added invitations and postcards made or received.
In addition to the cards I've now added almost anything, that isn't too dimensional, that I pick up during the course of the day.  It could be a leaf that I found on the ground or fabric from the latest skirt I've made.
Recently, I started taking an online class taught by Jannelle Hallstrom Jacobsen, called Art of Wild Abandonment No.2. She encourages us to do lots of sketching.  I am very new to sketching and drawing, but I've made myself do it. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't with watercolors and the thin paper in the composition book.  I'm thinking about gessoing two pages together to give some extra durability to the pages. 

This has been an enjoyable process so far.  I'm glad I've taken the jump into smashing, playing, and writing in these altered Composition books.  I'm curious to see how these pages will continue to evolve.


  1. I love your assortment of "stuff."

  2. Oh my, *love* these! I've stuck pages back to back sometimes for extra strength - or if ink or paint shows through, I stick pages together back to back after they've dried to hide that :)

    PS You asked about my knitting - I taught myself to do it after breaking my foot so that my hands would have something to do. I've made 2 scarves and a belt so far!

  3. These pages are great! Thanks for the email. It's taken me awhile to get here because my daughter and grandson were here for three weeks. I started a sketching project and have hardly begun. I need to block out some time!