Monday, November 12, 2012

Power of Suggestion

I was at our local mall recently and hints of Christmas are all around.  You've probably already noticed this as well yourselves.  A couple things caught my attention while there.  First, were these huge banners hanging in every open area.  This one especially caught my interest.
Second, was a window display.  I am always fascinated by the artistic conjurings of the Anthropologie displays.  In one window there were pine trees which appeared to be etched onto the glass, but in another window these antlers are what held my attention.

Have you found anything interesting that has made you stop a moment to take special notice?

Have a lovely Monday, My Lovelies.


  1. lol at the 'hint' 'hint' 'hint'! I often end up ordering my gift from The Doctor and letting him know how much it cost....!

    I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit more and having the opportunity to notice this kind of thing :)

  2. My family posts wish lists in a yahoo group, with prices and links! I guess we've taken "hinting" to an all-new level.