Sunday, November 18, 2012


Around Mann Manor life seems to be picking up velocity.  The pace is going strong with work.  Marriage plans are in full swing.  Thanksgiving is around the corner with Christmas following close behind.  Whew.  I takes my breath away just thinking about it.

I'm glad I took a few moments each day, the past week, to stop to focus on the beauty that may have happened by during the day.

I'm finding that one of the perks about working at home is being home during the daylight hours with the view out to my yard.  Some of our neighbors that wander into the yard offer some sweet relief for my eyes or comic relief for the stress.  I have missed this when I worked away from home, especially in the winter when it was dark leaving for work and when I returned.  The area was the reason we chose to live here in the first place.

Need to remember to enjoy it more often.
This week we have had such pleasant weather with lots of CA. sun.   I spotted the robins visiting.  They came for some paracantha berries.  I love the robin sounds.
While looking out front on another day this week I saw these birds.  Not sure what they are, but I love their yellow breast.  A happy color.  A happy bird perched on the head of lavender picking the seeds from it.
Then later this week we had some rain.
The best part of this rain is that the weather didn't turn bone chilling cold.  I, who freezes easily, could go outdoors without a coat and enjoy the weather.
The rain seemed to make all the colors more vibrant.
The colors of Christmas more bold.

Just a reminder, My Lovelies, to take a minute to see the beauty around you. And have a nice week.


  1. So much beauty indeed - and beautifully captured! :)

    Your robins look so different from ours - that took me by surprise!!