Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caught by Surprisde

I've said it more than a hundred billion trillion times to My Boy, "Good-bye", always followed with an "I Love You."
Some separations have been for short periods and others I knew would be long; separated by time and/or oceans and distance.
Saying good-bye in the past wasn't terribly heart wrenching or sad.
So, when I said it today to him and his bride I was totally unprepared for the emotion that sprang up from my heart and, out in the form of tears, from my eyes.
This time my heart knew that he would never be coming back.
He and circumstances are changing.
I couldn't be more pleased for him and My Girl (his bride).
In the fast pace of the holidays and wedding I guess I forgot to tell my heart to be prepared.
So after hugs, kisses, and some tears, on my part, as I watched them drive away
I sent up a silent prayer for their new life and learning to be one instead of two
I decided to take my sorrows inside and drown them in some cranberry salsa.

Gluttony, take me away.

Wishing you and your families a great New Year.  Ciao, My Lovelies.


  1. What a heart-tugging post! I think any mom can relate to your feelings.
    Glad you gained a daughter-in-law that you like.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Well they are off on a new adventure!