Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Have you heard something that captures your attention and is totally unconnected to what you are seeing or doing?

I was on a tour admiring the walls around the old city of Cartegena when I realized I was hearing a happy sound.  A clippy, cloppy sound.  A pleasing rhythmic sound on the cobblestones.
I turned to find a horse pulling a buggy.  The horse was making that joyful sound that I was hearing.  It almost seemed out of character for the area.  I recognized a fleeting thought race through my head wondering how I could capture it.  At that time all I had was my Canon which was zoomed out to 200 and only a few seconds of time when I finally jostled myself into action.  I quickly snapped a shot before the horse happily trotted by in the 90+ degree heat and high humidity of Cartegena.
Why do I take photographs? Kat Sloma in our Finding Your Eye class asked us to ask ourselves that question.  I haven't really put much thought before into why I take pictures.

I guess one of the reasons I do it is to capture those moments, those colors, those thoughts, those memories, that are so fleeting or that tug at my heart, the corners of my mouth, or gaze in some way.  For instance this picture of the horse is nothing to scram home about, not something you would find in a National Geographic magazine for its composition or technique, but it means something to me.  I had forgotten the smile I had when I heard the clippy sound of hooves on the cobblestones until I saw the one single photograph of the horse while going through the 700+ photos from last week.  Yes, I think that is why I take photographs.

What about you?  Do you take photographs?  Why? Have you ever thought about that before?


  1. I love how you included another sense besides sight into why you photograph. It is so good bring all the senses into our art. Welcome back from vacation. Visiting from Find Your Eye Class.

  2. I'm glad that this class is posting new questions for you! Bringing yourself back to a place and a time is a fantastic reason. And you shared it with us too... I can hear the sound of the horse's hooves on the cobblestone from my past experiences. It has a distinctive ring, doesn't it? I like how the photograph pulled you back to that one moment in time, and immersed you in it. Thanks for sharing your "why" with us for Find Your Eye!

  3. Yes, the same I think - to capture all those little moments that might otherwise be lost forever...