Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Haps

It's been a while. 
A little catch up of project life.
I love looking back on these pages.  And the memories they evoke.
It's hard to believe that this was over a month ago.
So much has happened for a December that is already normally full with Christmas and holiday happenings.

I am just beginning to unbury myself from the fun and excitement.  How about you?  Am I the only slow one?  I still don't have Christmas decorations put away.  Have you all recouped from the holidays and the New Year?


  1. Lovely pages :) I'm embarking on Project Life this year, but the paper version (I'm not much of a digi scrapper and my laptop is struggling anyway at the moment). I've spent the first couple of weeks of the year 'collecting' - photos, ephemera, my thoughts!! - and plan to start filling pages soon :)

  2. Well I love the pages you have done on your project life for this posting they are very nice. I am also very jealous because as times is going so are my memories because they are not on any pages. Good for you!

  3. Great pages. We are fully into the new year; driven on by work and school schedule mainly. And now, I'm starting to look forward to spring.

  4. Chad got married??!? Congratulations!