Sunday, January 20, 2013


Time.  How quickly it passes.
I am really glad that I started doing Project Life again.  I am really liking these quick scrapbook pages.
It has given me the chance to reflect about how things have changed.
From the ornaments we purchased for the children each year to one year when they get married to take for their own Christmas trees.  To now when it is actually coming to happen. 

When I think about being a little behind on these weekly Project Life pages I am chasing that thought away by joyfully remembering that at least I have these pages.  And how much easier it is, for me, to do this digitally and to get something done in snippets of time and no mess to clean up. (Got enough mess without scrapbook stuffsa to add to all the other stuffsa that I have trouble finding time to clean up.)  I should probably be joyful that I able to see, seeing all that stuffsa!

Working on my word for the year.  Joyful.  How about you, My Lovelies?  Are you having any successes this week be it ever miniscule as mine was?  But, a success none the less! Ya! for us.



  1. I'm in love with that shade of green!

  2. Hello. Visiting from Kat's class. don't worry I am sure you will catch up quickly even with having a week of no internet. Excited to share this journey with you. My word for 2013 is JOURNEY.

  3. And what lovely pages they are :) Every moment recorded, every photo shared, every thought captured, is another memory that might otherwise have faded and been lost.... So I don't stress too much about the bits I'm NOT doing, I enjoy and celebrate the bits that I AM doing :) And I'm starting to put together my PL on Friday!! Excited!!