Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Long time, no blog.  

Life has been full.  

The break from blogging has been nice, stress relieving. 

During this time My Mann and I took off over the clouds
To find our island in the sun
We made some new friends
Ate delicious treats
Sailing the oceans blue
Along the way checking off one of my life goals - Seeing the Panama Canal.
And celebrated Mom's 83rd birthday on the sea.  My mom , the miracle woman who has been deemed cancer free for two years now.  The woman who survived pancreatic cancer! 

While chilling I've been thinking and reviewing the way I've been doing or not doing things.  There has to be some changes made.  Just haven't come to complete decision on exactly what changes.  It feels good to be here again and soon I hope to be visiting your blogs again as well.

I hope life has been full and good for you as well

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  1. WElcome back! It's great to see you whenever life allows. Just be sure to come back for the scabenger hunt!