Monday, July 1, 2013

Right Now

Right now I'm listening to my son, his wife, and my soon to be son-in-law visiting and laughing in the bedroom.

Right now wedding plans and work deadlines are competeing for my attention.
Right now I'm loving the triple digit highs while everyone around me is complaining about how hot it is.

Right now I haven't had a spare moment to do anything creative.

Right now I'm enjoying my association with the young women in church as we discuss the power of God in our lives.

Right now I just finished reading Zelda, the Queen of Paris by Paul Chutkow ( a delightful book) and now I'm a couple chapters into a new book: Castles by Tracie Peterson (a collection of 4 short stories which I'm finding hard to put down).

Right now wishing wonderful memories for you.

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