Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brain Exercise

I have a new work laptop.
Since it's new it has the Windows 8 operating system.

I have a smart phone Droid. But it's nothing like this Windows 8 stuff.  I watched My Mann frustrated and cursing at the computer screen when he was learning Windows 8 on his new computer at Christmas.

I secretly laughed behind his back.  Thinking "Oh, Yeah."  "I'm so lucky to have my personal laptop using the old operating system."  "Oh, Yeah, I don't have to deal with that nonsense." 

Then it happened.  My boss announced that I would finally have a work computer.  As much as I thought a new computer would be good to have for just work I dreaded what that would mean.  I begged him to special order one with the old Windows 7 system.  He didn't listen to that request.

I/ve been using it for about a week now and at first I felt so stupid and yelled at the computer screen more than once.  Glad My Mann wasn't around to see me.  He would probably have no qualms about hiding his laughter. 

I think the only saving grace is that my boss sprang for the touch screen on the new work computer. 

Except for the windows that all of a sudden show up while you're trying to do some work near the edge of the screen.  I think they even show up when it thinks your thinking about doing something kind of near the edge.

I don't think I'd like turning on the computer if it didn't have the picture I set for my opening screen.

Have you had to learn something new that's been frustrating?

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