Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seeing the Obvious


Last week was a very stressful work week.  Early in the week, knowing that my deadline was looming and I was still a good distance away from the goal I knew I needed some divine assistance. So I asked specifically for help with completing this project.

There were a number of reports to file with the state.  After working for over a month checking, correcting, and working out computer input glitches that were skewing and making it impossible to upload reports the light at the end of the tunnel was still very dim.

God is good.  He sent tender mercies by way of an angel.  An employee from the database program we use to send the reports to the state.  He spent quite a bit of time guiding and helping me in correcting the glitches. 

By the end of the work day Friday we had success.  

I am so grateful for those in our lives who come to our aid acting as God's hands.  And sometimes pets are placed in our lives to bring us the comfort we seek.

Have you noticed the obvious of angels in your life recently?

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