Friday, September 13, 2013

Civic Buildings, Airplanes, & Sunsets

What do these three things have in common?  

Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt of course.

Item #3: City Hall, Capital, or other similar Civic building.

I didn't just want to get a picture of our boring city hall just to check off the list, but as the time began to draw closer I was beginning to think I may have to do just that.  

That was until we passed by the Federal building of Alaska.  Nothing to fancy but in a more "exotic" place than home.

But then I was Wow-ed with a capital W when I saw the Parliament buildings of British Columbia.

Item #4: Airplane

I couldn't wait for the time I could take this picture.  I love airplanes and I knew I'd be on one this summer.

I wish I could fly a plane.

Actually I wish I was a hawk and could fly or hover in the updrafts.

Item #5: Sunsets

I love sunsets.  

I love them over the ocean the best.  
There aren't any obstacles to get in the way of enjoying them.  I'm glad sunsets were on the list to find.  It made me more aware of them this summer.

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  1. Great photos. I love the insight you give us about wanting to fly! I love the parliament building and the sunset with the lighthouse.
    Thanks for sharing,