Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Double Dares, Substitutes, Speed, & Dragons

Some more snippets of summer pictures for Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt.

#12 Cloud in the shape of something.

What?!?!?   You don't think this is a cloud?

It's in the shape of something. You surly can't deny that.

Well, the clouds I did see this summer I couldn't very well justify as looking like something.  Except for maybe they looked like a big, flat blanket. That isn't very interesting.  So I used a substitute item from Rinda's list.  A sundial.

#13 A fence.

I found this fence offering safety for a bridge over a VERY, DEEP GORGE with VERY, TURBULENT waters below and big rocks sticking up from the water.
I felt VERY BRAVE walking on that wiggly, see through bridge all by myself.  I even stopped in the middle to take a picture through the bridge to the water below and even dared myself to take a picture the edge.  Go Me!

I found this other fence in a very quiet place alongside a peaceful little creek full of smelly salmon where at one time hooch and women could be bought.

I really like the way the fence repeated itself in it's shadows. Kind of like history and the salmon repeating the same spawning ritual year after year, generation after generation.

#14 A stained glass object or mosaic.

I happened to be stopped at a signal light in Los Angeles somewhere when I spotted this over a doorway on the street.
This mosaic dragon graces the gardens in one of our local outdoor malls.
I think every garden should have a dragon in it.  I think I'll have to talk to My Mann about that.  I wonder what he will think.

#15 A fire truck or police car.

I saw several fire trucks this summer except the pictures I took didn't really turn out well.  Maybe if they hadn't been racing by or if I wasn't driving I could have done a better job of it.  But things changed when I went to Venice Beach one cloudy, cool summer day and the Venice Beach FD were there having lunch.
Not more than a stones throw away from the Fire trucks there were a few motorcycle cops available to the public.
But I think the best thing I saw was a San Francisco FD boat as I sped by.
It seems like my life is always on high speed.  Good thing I've managed to stay under the radar as far as the police are concerned.  And luckily I was on foot when I went by those Venice Beach police.

Hope you're having a less busy and speedy life that it seems to be around here.

On a side note Happy Anniversary wishes to My Mann.  Thanks for loving me for who I am these last 3 plus decades.  You're the best and I love you!

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  1. What a lovely sundial! And I love the perspective on the chain link fence.